burst, explode, bang, rupture, erupt…

is the wait better than the pop itself?

pop 1

v. popped, pop·ping, pops

1. To make a short, sharp, explosive sound.
2. To burst open with a short, sharp, explosive sound.
3. To move quickly or unexpectedly; appear abruptly: At last the cottage popped into view.
4. To open wide suddenly: The child’s eyes popped with astonishment.
5. Baseball To hit a short high fly ball, especially one that can be caught by an infielder: popped out to shortstop.
6. To shoot a firearm, such as a pistol.
7. To release (a clutch) suddenly.

1. To cause to make a sharp bursting sound.
2. To cause to explode with a sharp bursting sound: popped the balloon.
3. To put or thrust suddenly or unexpectedly: “popping a crisp plump shrimp into her mouth” (Kathleen Winsor).

a. To discharge (a firearm).
b. To fire at; shoot.
5. To hit or strike: popped me on the head.
6. Baseball To hit (a ball) high in the air but not far.
7. Slang

a. To take (drugs), especially orally: “To calm a case of the jitters . . . the bride popped Valium” (People).
b. To have (a drink): popped a few beers after work.

1. A sudden sharp, explosive sound.
2. A shot with a firearm.
3. Chiefly Midwestern U.S. See soft drink. See Regional Note at tonic.
4. Baseball A pop fly.

1. With a popping sound.
2. Abruptly or unexpectedly.

Pop Culture = Pop Art = Andy Warhol?


I recently went to an Andy Warhol exhibition back at home in Hull. It was full of Warhol advertising and film promotion posters (both posters above featured in the exhibition), as well as some of his stitched photographs and painting. When entering the room of full of posters you are welcomed by a plain white wall with the phrase ‘In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes’ emblazoned across it. When asked the question ‘What is Pop Art’ I immediately thought of Andy Warhol and the exhibtion embodied this. The subject of the posters is advertising but I think they have now become Pop Culture.

Everything Bad Is Good For You.

The idea of learning without realising is mentioned within the video, this made the most sense to my idea of what Pop Culture is. General imagery, whether TV, video games, art, advertisements etc. are a big part of our everyday life. Do they have a bigger impact on us than we know of? TV and gaming culture have become a constant, something that is now always there and as it has changed and advanced perhaps we have adapted along with it. Is turning towards TV and gaming stupidity? Is its huge dominance in society dumbing us down or has it just lead to a different way of thinking? We’re having to catch up with the development of media and technology as it changes, are we developing new ways of interacting and understanding? The standard of intellect within video games etc. could be seen to be diminishing but do we need some ‘stupidity’ in our lives? A game that is engaging enough to teach us unknowingly is an overwhelming thought, is a gaming Pop(ular) Culture or is it something bigger.


When I think about what Popular Culture is, I cannot determine anything in particular. I have an idea of what the phrase could mean to me right now, but couldn’t that change whenever it wants? And isn’t the idea individual to everyone?

The term to me has so many connotations, that the more I thought about it the bigger and messier my view of it became. What qualifies to be attributed to the phrase? Isn’t everything Popular Culture? I decided I couldn’t describe what Popular Culture is, I just know what it is.

To me this elective didn’t seem like an obvious choice. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Top. The content could be overwhelming and endless, but this is why I chose it. I’d like to learn what others consider the phrase to mean and what is believed to be the ideas and elements that make the culture.